Federico Castelluccio: The BADASS® behind BADASS BRANDZ™


Whether he’s acting, directing or painting, Federico Castelluccio is known for his bodies of work that are, in a word, badass! So it comes as no surprise that his latest body of work is literally, BADASS®!

BADASS BRANDZ is an exclusive lifestyle apparel company that designs apparel for, and brings awareness to, BADASS individuals and teams who embrace a BE BAD DO GOOD® philosophy in their everyday lives. Through their spontaneous and cause-related efforts, they exemplify the inherent goodness of the human spirit by making our world a better place to live, while personifying what it means to be a BADASS for all to see.


According to Federico, “it was important for us to first pursue registered trademark status to protect the brand from infringements. Once we accomplished that, it opened doors for us to introduce and champion a TEAM BADASS movement and pursue many logical partnerships that we will be announcing very soon.”

BADASS, it’s one word, because you’re not “bad” and you’re not an “ass!” So JUST BE ONE and get “branded” a BADASS today!


One comment on “Federico Castelluccio: The BADASS® behind BADASS BRANDZ™

  1. Lisa on

    Love the brand and the message behind it. The Sopranos T-shirt art is amazing! Looking forward to seeing the female characters that I was told would be available online.


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