Even in Bellator 180 Prelim loss, Mickle still a BADASS®!

June 24, 2017, Bellator 180 & Bellator NYC, Madison Square Garden, NYC

Jerome “Da Mechanic” Mickle, in his debut Bellator fight, appeared to be off to an early 1st round victory by landing a stinging, crumble-to-the-canvas overhand right to the jaw of his opponent Anthony Giacchina. It was at that moment that Mickle needed to complete his work, but didn’t, thus allowing Giacchina to recover, compose himself and forge ahead to victory with a 3rd round submission (Rear-Neck-Choke). It was evident that both fighters trained their hardest and brought their BADASS® MMA best into the cage for legions of MMA fans to live-stream free on mmafighting.com.

Even in a losing effort, Jerome Mickle maintains his stature as a BADASS® in the eyes of BADASS BRANDZ™ because we know that it is not only what happens in the cage that makes you a BADASS®. Mickle won’t miss a beat between this loss and his next fight. He will continue to make good use of all the non-MMA time in-between by focusing on the BE BAD DO GOOD® stuff that matters most. Whether it is mentoring kids, supporting his church initiatives or making appearances at charity functions, these are the things beyond the cage that will solidify his legacy.

So don’t count Jerome “Da Mechanic” Mickle out just yet…and don’t expect him to submit without first putting his BADASS® MMA best to the test. We congratulate Anthony Giacchina on his well-fought victory last night and also Jerome Mickle for making him earn it the hard way.

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B.A.D.A.S.S. (Be A Donor And Support Something)

BADASS BRANDZ™ is committed to being a proud supporter of charitable organizations that mindfully and efficiently maximize their efforts to insure that more money goes towards their mission than to their administrative or operational costs. Our primary focus is to support those organizations where there is the greatest need to significantly improve the quality of life of those in crisis and/or in need so that they may have a brighter future.

Below are just some of the organizations we have proudly supported:

James Foley Scholarship Fund

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

HFS Chicago Scholars

SOS Children’s Villages International

Gary Sinese Foundation

P4 Foundation

Folds of Honor

Please contact us about the charities/causes you are passionate about and we will qualify them for our BADASS® SEAL OF APPROVAL and consider them for future contributions. Remember, BE BAD DO GOOD® because it feels good!