IT’S ABOUT YOU tapping into your inner BADASS and injecting it into everything that you do.

IT’S ABOUT YOU raising the bar and striving to be the best you can be at whatever you set your mind to.

IT’S ABOUT YOU living the BADASS Lifestyle where stepping up to make a difference comes naturally.

IT’S ABOUT YOU inspiring future BADASS generations through your actions and the legacy you leave behind.



Today’s BADASS is an entirely new breed because the term BADASS has taken on an entirely new meaning where “bad” means “good.”

BADASS BRANDZ™ was established as a vital platform for you to showcase the BADASS that you are, the things you do best and the causes you embrace to make a difference.

Celebrities, athletes and those in the public eye are often referred to as “BADASS” based on their unique abilities and popularity. We believe there is more to it than just that and that just about anyone, from any walk of life, from any corner of the globe, can be a BADASS, including you, so JUST BE ONE®.



Our Mission is Simple:

Make the world better today than it was yesterday™.

Our mission is very achievable if more people join the TEAM BADASS® movement.

The TEAM BADASS movement strives to connect more people with more causes to make more of a difference. Our mission maintains a simple focus on today with the expectation that people will make every “today” that they live count!

Anyone can set a daily goal and feel a sense of accomplishment as they reflect on their BADASS efforts for that day. Therefore, the success of our mission relies on our collective efforts to maximize awareness within social networks, social media and the mainstream media.

So take your first BADASS step today and encourage others within your social networks to join the TEAM BADASS movement and JUST BE ONE.®