It took nearly 20-years for WE THE PEOPLE to finally get New York to submit and become the 50th and final state to legalize Mixed Martial Arts. With MMA fully legitimized across our Great Nation, fighters and fans now have the legal right to be an active participant on either side of the cage and in any state in the union. Look for BADASS® MMA to be active both inside and outside the cage!

Coming June 24, 2017 to BADASS® NYC: A Double-Dose of MMA

Live from New York City’s Madison Square Garden, “The World’s Most Famous Arena

Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva / Fedor vs. Mitrione


Bellator 180: Davis vs. Bader

On Saturday, June 24th, BADASS BRANDZ™ will find itself on both sides of the cage as spectator and sponsor. Tune in at 6pm EDT to watch Jerome “Da Mechanic” Mickle (2-1) sport our BADASS® MMA logo as he takes on Anthony Giacchina (1-1) in the Lightweight Bout on the Bellator 180: Davis vs. Bader Preliminary Card.

Purchase your tickets from Ticketmaster now and use code “Mickle”. Or if you can’t make it in person, catch all the fight night action beginning FREE on Bellator at 6pm & Spike TV at 8pm. Then pay just $49.95 to get HD-Access to Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva at 10pm. (Bellator 180: Davis vs. Bader Preliminaries – tune in at 6pm to livestream Jerome “Da Mechanic” Mickle in action!) (Bellator 180: Davis vs. Bader – tune in at 8pm)

Main Event (Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva – tune in at 10pm) ONLY ON PAY-PER-VIEW! To keep up with all the hype go to #BellatorNYC

How a chance meeting with Jerome Mickle led to a BADASS BRANDZ™ sponsorship for his first Bellator fight

In order to be considered for a BADASS BRANDZ™ sponsorship you have to JUST BE ONE.®, a BADASS® that is. Upon first meeting MMA up-and-comer Jerome Mickle, there was no doubt in our mind that he’s a BADASS® both inside and outside the cage. Don’t let his mild-mannered demeanor fool you either. Once inside the cage, Da Mechanic’s fists, legs, smarts and speed do all the talking. A 4 time amateur welterweight (170 lbs) champion, Jerome posted a 12-2 record with a whopping 10 TKOs! As a pro, he is 2-1, 1 TKO, with his only loss via a submission due to a broken wrist.

Jerome’s favorite quote? “Victory loves preparation.” And it takes a lot of preparation to shed 15 lbs and enter the cage as a lightweight (5″ 11″, 155 lbs). Jerome has a discipline and focus that cannot be taught and he chooses to avoid any dog-and-pony show pre-fight hype because talk is cheap and it expends the very energy and focus that he prefers to save for the cage.

Outside the ring, Jerome is a church-going, family man who back to children in the hope of making a difference in their lives, while maintaining a rigorous training regimen and raising his 2 boys (7 years & 3-months) with his wife. We believe that Jerome’s BE BAD DO GOOD® lifestyle outside the cage will directly translate into how he performs inside the cage. Remember, always bet on a BADASS®!